Seordag TV 2D

2m 26s

Seordag TV interactive


Inspired by a traditional gaelic poem about a hen looking for a place to make a nest . Set in the small crofting community of Assynt (in NW Sutherland, Scotland), the story interweaves the modern and ancient through music and animation.
Seordag is a metal hen with a TV set body. On her quest to find a place to make her nest, Seordag encounters a helpful seagull, a cow-fiddle, an accordian sheep, a talking cement mixer and Marlene, the hardy crofter. Seordags' new friends help her to make a fabulous hen house where she lays three eggs. They hatch into mobile phone chicks and they have a grand ceilidh. 2003

Seordag TV was created in Flash which isn't supported anymore so I've put together some of the animations in this short silent video.

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